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WA ContactMaster

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  • Why Choose WhatsApp ContactMaster?
    • Maximize Reach: Connect with a broader audience by leveraging unlimited messaging and group functionalities.
    • Save Time: Automate processes and streamline your communication efforts.
    • Enhance Efficiency: Utilize advanced features to maintain a clean, active contact list and optimize your marketing strategies.
    • Boost Engagement: Engage with active group members and potential leads effortlessly.
    • Drive Growth: Harness the power of detailed reports and data extraction to drive your business growth.

    Transform your WhatsApp marketing today with WhatsApp ContactMaster and experience unprecedented growth and efficiency.

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WhatsApp ContactMaster: Revolutionize Your WhatsApp Marketing

Product Overview: Introducing WhatsApp ContactMaster, the ultimate tool designed to supercharge your WhatsApp marketing efforts and streamline your communication process. Whether you’re a small business owner, an affiliate marketer, or a social media influencer, this powerful software will help you expand your reach, engage with your audience, and drive your business growth effortlessly.

Key Features:

  1. Unlimited WhatsApp Messages:
    • Send messages to all contacts, even those not saved in your address book, breaking all communication barriers.
  2. Group Messaging:
    • Effortlessly send unlimited messages to all your joined groups, ensuring your message reaches a broader audience.
  3. Message Delay Management:
    • Protect your WhatsApp account from being banned with advanced delay management.



  1. Group Link Grabber:
    • Quickly and easily grab group links from any web page, saving you time and effort.
  2. Group Member Extraction:
    • Extract all member numbers from any group effortlessly for targeted communication.
  3. WhatsApp Auto Responder Bot:
    • Automate responses to messages, ensuring you never miss a potential lead.
  4. Contact List Grabber:
    • Compile comprehensive contact lists from various sources efficiently.
  5. Google Map Data Extractor:
    • Extract data from Google Maps with targeted locations and import the numbers directly into the software.
  6. Auto Group Joiner:
    • Automatically join relevant groups to expand your network and reach.
  7. WhatsApp Number Filter:
    • Filter out inactive or irrelevant numbers to maintain a clean and effective contact list.
  8. Grab Active Group Members:
    • Identify and engage with the most active group members.
  9. Chat List Management:
    • Access and manage your chat list with ease.
  10. Bulk Add Group Members:
    • Add multiple members to your groups with just a single click.
  11. Group Finder:
    • Discover and join groups relevant to your business and interests.
  12. Bulk Group Generator:
    • Create multiple groups effortlessly, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  13. Google Contacts CSV Generator:
    • Generate and manage contact lists in CSV format for seamless integration.
  14. Website Email Mobile Extractor:
    • Extract emails and mobile numbers from websites for targeted outreach.
  15. WhatsApp Warmer:
    • Warm up your WhatsApp account for high-volume messaging to ensure successful delivery.
  16. Poll Results Management:
    • Conduct and analyze polls to gather valuable insights and feedback.
  17. Social Media Data Extractor:
    • Extract data from social media platforms to enhance your marketing strategy.


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